Urban Counseling Collective

Beginning a TeleHealth Appointment with PIMSY:

• It is important that you are in a private, quiet, and safe place for your therapy session. If you have challenges creating this space, talk with your provider about possible solutions.

• Video streaming works best with a wired (ethernet) connection or a strong wifi/data signal. If we are disconnected, please restart your browser and log in again.

• To access your telehealth link, you will need to login to the PIMSY Paitent Portal at http://etoc.mypimsy.com. If you do not have login information, please call the clinic at 503.610.2044.

Once logged in you will be at the home screen. 

• To access your telehealth appointment, click on “Join Meeting” (see red arrows).

• You can click this link up to 5 minutes prior to your session starting.

• If you click on the link more than 5 minutes ahead of your scheduled time, you will get a message that it is too early to check in.

• Your clinician will allow you into the meeting from the waiting room once they are ready, and your telehealth session will begin. IF YOU ARE ASKED FOR A PASSWORD, DO NOT ENTER ONE.

Salem Office is Now Open!
Urban Counseling Collective is proud to announce the opening of our Salem, OR location! We are accepting new and existing patients!